2010 Inaugural Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards





 see Eric Qualman's blog










From Paradigm Shift (Kuhn 1962) to Disruptive Innovation Theory  (Christensen 1997)

File:Duck-Rabbit illusion.jpg 














Disruptive Innovation



a product or service that is simpler, cheaper or even inferior designed for a non-consumer or a non-existent market that is good enough to get the job done.








Message: It doesn't have to be that good; it just has to get the job


Less is More







So What's The Job To Be Done?










    Lifetime Achievement Award: 



Clayton Christensen

     Harvard Business School


 Father  of Disruptive Innovation Theory;

  Author, Innovators Dilemma; Disrupting Class; Innovators Prescription
















2010 Honorees:


The P.S. 22 Chorus

 5th Grade Class from Staten Island



Gregg Breinberg, Choral Director 

Melissa Donath, Principal














Connection Technologies


Jared Cohen & Jack Dorsey


read article from Stanford Magazine on Jared 














Jonathan Feinberg








go to 







 The Cathedral and Bazaar

influential essay, 1998  open-source movement

                 Author, Eric Steven Raymond



                                         "with enough eyeballs all bugs will be shallow"

                                          "distributed problems require distributed solutions"

                                           "release early, release often"



click here for CatB Essay 








"Threshold Resistance"


        Alfred Taubman



 read  New Yorker article by Malcolm Gladwell  on  Al Taubman and "Threshold Resistance"














     Ashton Kutcher

(Connection Technologies Early Adopter)









The Square


Product to Watch:

Jack Dorsey









Texts Without Context 

New York Times article

 Author, Michiko Kakutani


















Clifford Ross - R1



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