Behind the Scenes: Why Tribeca Loves Flashpoint

Tribeca Co-founder and Chief Disruption Officer Addresses Tribeca Flashpoint Students


September 24, 2010


We live in troubled times


Threats and Opportunities



 Innovate or Die


Creative Destruction (Joseph Schumpeter)


Can we harness and shape the future through innovation, can we create tomorrow's jobs?



We are all connected (14.4, 28.8, 56k,100mb, T1, 3G, 4G) wired and wireless


Mobile Telephony 


Talk about Tribeca, Flashpoint, Fillpoint, Disruptive Innovation Theory and Application


An  Eclectic Resume (Tribeca, Turtle Pond, Fillpoint, Sesame Workshop, Rock and Roll hall of Fame, Desmond Tutu Peace Foundatuon, Richard Leakey's Wildlife Direct)


My TwitBit  (Owen and Mzee)


Flashpoint meets Fillpoint (small world)


"Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful."


February 10, 2009 Crave SVG acquired by Fillpoint 



 What is Tribeca?


One of the world's biggest film festivals


Started After September 11th to help bring people back on the streets 


Thought it would be a one time event


First year expectation---> 10,000 people

Almost pulled the plug then one Friday afternoon....American Express stepped in as our partner

First year result          ---->150,000


After first year it was time to Go Big or Go Home


This year                    ----->400,000



 To Go Big we had to change and re-invent was a film festival was.



Allegory of the Bus:  Change is hard



 Message:  Get on the bus, get off the bus.  Just don't get in front of the bus.


'A Bronx Tale'
'A Bronx Tale'



When you see a fork in the road take it 


Sidebar:  Mentors can help you learn how to make good decisions, create opportunities but rest is up to you



Lilo (Bronx Tale) and Leo (This Boys Life)





Mentorship is critical


Can we learn to make better decisions?


Can we scale innovation?


What is a good decision? One You Don't Regret


International, Education, Distribution, Channel, Cultural Diplomacy, Story-telling


Verticals and Intersections (Sports, Fashion, Music, Food, Video Games etc....)


We are creating a 21st Century Global Media Company to connect creators with audiences, audiences who create, particpate "from cradle to grave" (JR) 


We embrace technology but there is threshold resistance to change at every step and around every corner 


We are creating a new global ecosystem for story-telling to hopefully make the world a better place


 How Do You It?

Break all the Rules, Make Up New Business Models 


Success Means:   Fail But Learn


The Conspiracy Theory (Triangle Below...)



We are the disruptive film festival



Why Is Tribeca Interested in Flashpoint?





The Future is Change and Change is the Future


But Change Is Hard


Lessons on Innovation (scroll down)





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