Columbia Business School Summer 2015 B8571 Disruptive Innovation

Course Overview

Let's start with a picture and a story

Les Demoiselle  D'Avignon


Picasso introduces primitivism and abandons perpective


First shows the work to his friends in 1908; people were horrfied; doesn't show it again until 1916


Our story continues

Picasso/Cubism (1905) and Einstein/Theory of Relativity(1905/7) ---> Henri Poincare "Science and Hypothesis" (1901)




"The scientist does not study nature because it is useful to do so. He studies it because he takes pleasure in it, and he takes pleasure in it because it is beautiful." -- Henri Poincare


Creativity: Integrating Art and Science




Worldviews, values and belief systems determine how we see and describe "reality"


Daniel Kahneman: WYSIATI (What you see ius all there is)


"Reality is nothing but an illusion, yet a very persisten one"-- Albert Einstein


How do we see the world?


Can we learn to see the world differently?


Let's do a quick exercise


The FEDEX Moment











Part One:  An Introduction to Innovation.

Historical, technological, economic, psychological frameworks and other anthropological investigations.  


Part Two:  Innovation prior to Disruptive Innovation Theory (1995).

  The revolutions, transformations and paradigm shifts spurred by invention and innovation: The Agrarian, Industrial, Technological, Information and Digital Revolutions. 


Part Three: Disruptive Innovation Theory 1.0 (1995-2007).

 A Harvard Professor’s shocking  realization that “less is more” launched a whole new approach to innovation.


Part Four:  Disruptive Innovation Theory 2.0:

 The future and new frontiers (2007 and beyond.)  Introduction to Quantum Innovation








 Power of the Narrative:  Crisp, Coherent, Engaging


 Lets take a look at the history of the internet in 3 minutes

 Who invented the internet?




Where do ideas come from? 



What is Invention?


What is Innovation?


What is a Technology?


90 second Guide to Disruptive Innovation



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